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Next Gen Cops and Robbers! Err…Cops and Racers

EA is at it again. No, not like that, it’s actually for something good this time, I swear! At least it is for racing fans…

Ghost Games is EA’s newest studio venture geared towards the PS4 and Xbox One. The Swedish studio is showing some swagger pretty swiftly when it comes to getting big names to help with their first game – Need For Speed: Rivals.

EA Has confirmed that on November 19th, we’ll see the latest installment of the hit racing game for the next gen. EA made sure the game’s development was in good hands, too. Marcus Nilsson, longtime DICE Studios man, is the Executive Producer on the project. For those worried about a new studio and a new Producer taking on the storied history of Need For Speed, he put a pretty encouraging post up on the game’s blog.

My crew comes from all over the world – some great guys with phenomenal experience making games at Bizarre and Turn 10 but also just generally kickass teams at Rockstar, DICE and Capcom. We’re all passionate about Need for Speed. They’re the driving games we grew up on, and that’ll show in what we are making. – Marcus Nilsson

If you want to read the entire post, head here.

Ghost Games is promising the game will be a departure from some of the more realism based titles released of late (although with new consoles, it’s sure to still be realistic) as only a true NFS game could be. It will be taking advantage of the processing prowess of the new consoles, especially with fluid switching between online and offline racing modes. Of course, the core of the game will be a battle between the fuzz and Ferraris (yes the red monsters have been confirmed to come back for Rivals, among others) adding experience for the player regardless of which side of the law they choose.

Excited? Here’s the trailer. EA and Ghost Games will be having a full reveal come E3, so stick around for more info. By the way, it’s also your video of the week, so enjoy.