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Side-scroller comeback?

We all remember the glorious 2-D worlds of Mario, Contra, and Castlevania, and unfortunately, we also all realized their death was inevitable with innovations in the field of gaming coming at an incredible rate. However, a lot of indie gaming companies have recently been combining the self-propelling stories of 2-D platformers with the beauty, grace and depth of many modern games.

This is especially true for Eastern European developer NoWhere Studios, who’s new in-development game Monochroma has been turning heads since its reveal at GDC 2013.

Monochroma is a 3-D platformer that is incredibly reminiscent of the famed 2012 arcade game, Limbo. Much like its predecessor, Monochroma takes place in a world devoid of color, with exception to a little red scarf worn by one of the characters, and the player must perform an array of puzzling tasks to propel themselves through the game.

The similarities rest there, though.

IGN editors say that the game is designed to look as if the player was progressing through a visual representation the United States’s growth as a country, you start in grass fields, go through an industrial phase, and even into a look at a weird future world through what one can only assume to be the same rose colored glasses of the 1980’s that gave Marty McFly a hover-board.

A mysterious, stormy and dark world surrounding the player should invoke similar emotions to many horror/suspense games, but the puzzles will provide a much needed reprieve from what seems to be a world teeming with deadly traps and creatures of the night.

As you carry what we can assume to be your little brother through the unknown terrifying world, you will never lose motivation to take that extra step or push that interestingly placed lever, because instead of something chasing you, there is something you are chasing and trying to find. Plus, who could let down their digital little bro, I know I couldn’t.

From what we can see, the game obviously shares some base level similarities with others in the category, but goes much deeper with the environment and story.

Although the game release date is still just listed as “TBD 2013,” and it doen’t look nearly as polished as Limbo, I’m still psyched for this game, and its endlessly frustrating non-complicated puzzles that still manage to stump players over and over again.

If it’s anything like Limbo, and shares any of the same sit-down-in-the-dark-and-get-the-crap-scared-out-of-you-ness, then it’s sure to be a success. However, to be fair, it may be to early to compare it with the likes of Limbo. It seems to have enough depth of story and unique character development combined with innate simplicity, that it could separate itself from the understandably awe-inspiring task of taking down Limbo.

I guess we’ll just have to wait till’ it’s released. So with the utmost respect, hurry the hell up, NoWhere Studios.

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