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Quickie Review: iPad Mini Black Carbon Fiber Film Protector


I wanted to protect my new iPad mini, so, naturally, I took to the internet. I knew I wanted a soft cover, didn’t want to add any bulk, and I wanted to be able to still use my fantastic smart keyboard, so that took care of some of the choices.

After narrowing down my scope I found the ArmorSuit Military Shield Carbon Fiber cover. Hell’uva name, huh? Well, it looked pretty cool and seemed to have a pretty OK rating, so I went for it.

Receiving the product today, I opened the package only to find a myriad of instructions and some applicator solution (no, not the kinky kind) among other seemingly superflous stuff. Everything looked a bit complicated, so I went to watch the instructional video, which after laughing for a bit over the guy’s voice, I followed as exactly as I could.

What I found wasn’t pleasing.

For starters, the cover was curved and took a while to smooth out to apply, but that wasn’t a huge problem. The big problem, or at least one I can see coming up later as the cover gets more beaten up, was that although the video showed the cover could be removed if applied off-center, the area below the Apple logo tore the first time I had to remove to re-apply.

Other than that, the corners wouldn’t stick down properly which was frustrating to say the least. Of course, after reading some reviews on Amazon, this became evident as a less isolated issue.

Overall, it definitely looks cool, but a frustrating installation and low strength make me nervous for the long term. Wouldn’t recommend purchasing unless you’re just after aesthetics. Good thing there’s a life time replacement warranty, I guess.

If you want this product, which is available for any tablet and most smart phones, you can purchase from Amazon here.

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