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Xbox TV series…?

Today, Microsoft revealed their well hidden, still in-development new gaming – or should I say – everything – console, Xbox One. Along with all of the super exciting talks, innovative presentations and sweet videos, there was one surprise that caught my eye more than anything. It was the culmination of many a night as a starry-eyed fanboy spending time staring into the dark sky wishing that a Marathon-class heavy cruiser would grace the air above me with its presence, maybe even lowering down the greatest warrior of all time to the ground in front of me.

Bonnie Ross, head of 343 Industries and mentor to super awesome females everywhere, supported by fellow upper-management  powerhouse Nancy Tellem, announced that there would be a Halo TV series coming to the Xbox One. This news headlines what many see as an attempt by Microsoft to join into the exclusive custom content creation that certain streaming services have began to undertake.

The ambitious project will have some experienced hands other than Ross’ and Tellem’s behind the wheel though. Steven Spielberg, the man himself, director and producer of nearly 200 titles, including smash hits like Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers, will be playing a yet to be confirmed role within the Halo series, that we can only speculate to be production, writing, or directing – possibly even a combination of the three.

In case you missed it, here’s the proof-laden pudding, courtesy of GameTrailers’ YouTube channel.

I can only hope this project fares as well as its live action cousin Forward Unto Dawn, and doesn’t suffer the same fate as its 2006 predecessor led by Peter jackson.

Looks pretty sweet, doesn’t it? No? let me know what you think in the comments below!