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GTAV – Your rumor HQ

Rockstar North has been hard at work over the last, well, forever it seems like on the newest installment to the illustrious Grand Theft Auto series. GTAV has what seems to be a concrete release date of September 17th and is causing all sorts of buzz around the most recently released trailers surrounding the three main characters.

The three characters will all be playable, via a method that allows you to switch at will between them. Each also has their own specific traits and between Michael being able to temporarily slow time in a gunfight much akin to Red Dead and Max Payne 3, Franklin’s ability to slow time while driving to make a split second move, and Trevor’s Rage mode – which is self explanatory – Rockstar made sure to give motivation to use the new feature. Although the characters have these abilities, they can be improved in essential areas (not to the level of previous games, however) such as shooting, flying, etc., and these abilities aren’t points based. Simply by performing the activities, the character improves, so the more you shoot, fly, drive etc. the better you get.

Apart from the traits, the story mode will be dependent on using the three different players. In a demo released to the media in New York recently, the three were shown completing a mission that practically required a switching of the three, and with a smooth, non-interrupting flow to the method, Rockstar surely set minds at ease over the potential complicating factors of the swapping.

Equally as impressive to those in attendance was the new gunfighting engine created for the game. A meld between the many goods that Rockstar has done with third person shooting in the past, a more accurate, smooth, chaos-friendly approach was taken to ensure success with their newest addition to the popular series.

What all did they do to improve the gunplay?

  • Much improved transition animations for going in and out of cover
  • Brand new animations for a smooth run-and-gun experience
  • A new combat roll mechanic to be used for quick cover/egress
  • Much improved camera perspective that brings the player over-the-shoulder of the shooter
  • Three targeting options – snap-to, soft, and free aim
  • Improved death animations and a small visible ‘x’ on the reticle to confirm dead good/bad guy
  • Reticle now turns red when over an enemy
  • Partially destructible cover
  • Varying damage and dynamic differences for each weapon type
  • New varying body armor types
  • Re-vamped health system which regenerates to 50% after a fight

Want more? Go here to get a great article on the specific details of each feature.

You will also have more control over customization in this GTA than in any other in the series so far. In-depth car customization from appearances to performance are seriously cool, you can even over-tune a car to engine imploding levels. GTAV will even overtake Call of Duty when it comes to shooting with their new weapon customization options. Ok so maybe not the juggernaut that is COD, but it’s pretty damn impressive for a third person game like this to be able to switch scopes, mag sizes, flashlights, laser sights, among other things. Rockstar North did, however, take a 180 degree flip from their view on property, saying they will allow the purchase of homes, garages, marinas, helipads, and even options to invest in businesses for a return (Want a free cab ride? Give ’em some of that hard-earned cash as an investment). Of course all importantly, you will be able to give each character a haircut, tattoos and new new outfits to make them all your own.

Combine GTA IV, San Andreas, and Red Dead Redemption, and you are kind of on your way to describing the size of the playable world in GTAV. This world includes oceans to scuba dive to shipwrecks in, an entire mountain range to explore, and of course the concrete jungle that is Los Santos. Gangs still exist in Los Santos, but are less annoying here than ever. As long as you don’t pull a weapon, they don’t open fire. Oh you’re a cop? Sorry I didn’t notice. In that case, don’t bother coming into gang territory.

That little factoid should make the games main money making endeavor a bit easier.

The heist. It will surely become the go-to activity for all GTAV players. With up to six epic robberies rumored, there will be plenty of time to improve your bank-robbing tactics too. The best part of it all is the player’s ability to control every minute detail and plan the heist themselves. There are even side missions to get masks, suits, get-away cars, weapons, and other people to help, whose reliability can be determined by the money or effort spent in acquiring them. Cheap out on the hacker? You only get 30 seconds to grab the cash and go, whereas the more experienced guy could’ve gotten you an entire minute in the safe. Hell, you could start cheap, and as long as he survives, he’ll get better for the next time.

Crazy amounts of vehicles and toys will make you giddy as a school kid to just play around in the mountains around Los Santos, let alone the city, or the ocean for that matter. Newly developed off-mission activities are guaranteed to keep you occupied until the next big heist, and when you get that quick cash, go blow it on some cars, or maybe a house, no? You’d rather have a boat? Go ahead, get a chopper while you’re at it. With all of that, plus the biggest map ever, completely rebuilt mechanics and animations for gunplay, driving, flying and fighting, this game promises to be one of the best Rockstar North has released yet.

If you want to watch all the GTAV trailers released so far on a loop, or just need that fix to get through tomorrow, check out our YouTube channel.