Battlefield 4 trailer…a fitting start to Video Of The Week

Let’s start this blog off with some gaming info eh? Time for the first official Video Of The Week!! A new 60 second TV ad of DICE’s continuation to the acclaimed Battlefield series has my eyes crying tears of joy and perfection…as it will have yours after watching, go ahead, try it.

Not enough? Well, here’s the 17 minute Battlefield 4 gameplay reveal – very reminiscent of DICE and EA’s 2011 “Hey, you won’t forget to buy after watching this!” Battlefield 3 reveal.

Amid the March 18th announcement that EA CEO John Riccitiello would be officially stepping down as of this Saturday, and throughout the tough save-face turnaround EA must now do after an appalling release to the new Sim City, EA and DICE are pushing out mind melting teaser videos of Battlefield 4 gameplay that would make any FPS fan’s heartbeat rise to alarming levels.

Using the Frostbite 3 engine, BF4 promises to live up to expectations created by the success of past titles, and even has been speculated to be released with a version for the so-called ‘Xbox 720’ when appropriate.

Sticking to true DICE fashion, not just one teaser was released. DICE is also showing fighting on Air, Sea and Land (not necessarily in that order, of course) which lends itself very obviously to the past appeals of other Battlefield games, but also promises to deliver with unique vehicles to each combat arena.

“The US is said to have the M1 Abrams Tank, whereas rumored Chinese vehicles include the Xian Y-20 Transport Jet, Chengdu J-20 Stealth Fighter, Chengdu Xianglong unmanned UAV, and the Type-99 Tank.” (Luke Caulfield –

Then there are the maps that hold it all together.

“In addition to its hallmark multiplayer, Battlefield 4™ features an intense, dramatic character-driven campaign that starts with the evacuation of American VIPs from Shanghai and follows your squad’s struggle to find its way home.” – ( Rumors are that most of the maps will be representative of Asia and the many theaters of battle that continent contains, playing yet again so brilliantly to Battlefield’s past strength of open, multi-surfaced, shoot-your-buddies-face-off, insane multiplayer gameplay.

Although the reveal was two days ago at GDC in San Francisco, there is still much to speculate about, and of course plenty of video to drool over until the release date. Speaking of which, if you know you’ll be wanting…no, needing this game come release time, you can head here to pre-order, or wait to see what un-lockables are offered by other companies to pre-ordering customers. Might as well take advantage of the ever-growing trend, right?

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